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Greetings friends, fans and family of WIDance. It’s been an exciting year for Wellington Integrated Dance, with lots going on. We’ve been growing relationships and connections with old friends and new, and solidified the relationship with our dedicated team of regulars.

Buildng our profile

We’ve also been building our profile by being invited to participate in lots of events:

  • Keep the Peace came about through a connection from my past, Anna Groves ten Broeke, an old school friend of mine, and it was nice that it had an inclusive edge.
  • We performed as part of International Dance Day in May. We have been performing with that event since 2012, and are looking forward to being part of their twentieth anniversary in 2020. It’s been a wonderful sense of continuity, performing with them every second year, being exposed to both new and old audiences.
  • Our connection with Touch Compass continues to strengthen and we’re hoping to build on it further. Two of our members, Laura and Duncan, participated with Touch Compass in I’m Paired in March.
  • We participated in the fourth Disability Pride Week, as we have done since it began. Originally we were just going to perform for one day but BATS Theatre offered us its space for free, so Disability Pride Week got expanded. There were various events held, including a dance performance involving Touch Compass, WIDance and Just Dance Krazy (JDK), which attracted an audience of 60 people. It was special to have three inclusive groups perform together. WIDance also performed in Odlins Plaza on the final day of Pride Week, and then led a Pride Line along Wellington’s waterfront.

We’re really excited to have a new Flightdec website and have already had people get in touch with our group because they’d seen the website. It sits alongside our Facebook page and has expanded our social media reach. We would love to hear from people about what they would like to see on our website and Facebook pages – please get in touch.

Keep the Peace performanceThanks to Flightdec and Arts Access Aotearoa for their support in getting this website off the ground. And a special thanks to Kezia Bennett, one of our dancers, who is updating and managing the website content.

Over 2019, we have been invited along to watch dress rehearsals of performances by the Royal New Zealand Ballet and Footnote Dance. It’s exciting to be invited along to watch these performances and wonderful to enjoy social events together. It’s also inspiring for us to observe high-end New Zealand dance companies.

And the fun won’t stop there: 2020 is already looking jam-packed. We have finished this year’s classes, held at Te Whaea in Newtown but WIDance won’t be having a break over summer, as we rehearse The Art of Observation for the New Zealand Fringe in Wellington in March.

Then in July, we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary, bringing back some old dances as well as performing some new material. We are really looking forward to sharing the occasion with the community as a thank you for everyone’s support over the past ten years.

The Art of Observation rehearsal


WIDance building connections and profile

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